Our core stock is ex MOD original parts

RW Banister Ltd was founded by William Banister in 1985, but his involvement in military vehicle spares was much earlier. William had dabbled in military vehicle spares since his National Service days in the 1960’s, when he served in the REME (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers).

In the late 70’s he bought 28 Daimler Dingos and bought the stock from a competitor, this put the Banister name on the map in the market of military vehicle spares. Following this in the early 80’s he purchase several warehouses of full original parts at an MOD auction. This included a wide range of original British military armoured vehicles parts, including all marks of Rolls-Royce ‘B’ Range engines. As well as an extensive inventory of Saladin, Saracen, Scorpion, Stalwart, Austin Champ, BATUS and Daimler Ferrets as well as an array of military motorcycles.

Richard Banister (William’s son) came into the business in 1984 and in 2020 took over the business from his father, whereupon he was joined by his wife Nicole Banister. Following Richard’s passing in 2023, the business is now solely run by Nicole and daughter Katie, who is the third generation Banister to work selling British military vehicle spares.